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Table 3 Summary of findings on task-related connectivity in ScZ

From: Electrophysiological insights into connectivity anomalies in schizophrenia: a systematic review

Function Authors Technique Measure Increase/decrease
Auditory Processing Henshall et al. [41] EEG Coherence α
Auditory Processing Mulert et al. [39] EEG Source-space Lagged Phase synchrony γ
Auditory Processing Winterer et al. [40] EEG Coherence δ
Face Processing Lee et al. [42] EEG Event-Related Phase Coherence γ
Face Processing Uhlhaas et al. [43] EEG Phase Synchrony β
Smooth Pursuit Eye Movement Krishna et al. [44] EEG Phase Synchrony β γ
Facial Emotional Processing Popov et al. [45] MEG Graph-based Index of Global Connectivity α
Working Memory Griesmayr et al. [49] EEG Phase-Locking Value ϴ
  1. ▲Increase, Decrease, = intact connectivity