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Fig. 5

From: Machine learning identification of EEG features predicting working memory performance in schizophrenia and healthy adults

Fig. 5

Overlay of group average data for correct and incorrect trials extracted in gamma band (31.48 - 49.16 Hz) during encoding stage. Gamma increased significantly preceding incorrect relative to correct trials for both groups (paired-samples t tests; HC, t(11) = 5.37, p < 0.0005; SZ, t(39) = 7.01, p < 0.0005) and interacted by group (Wilk's Λ = 0.86, F (1, 50) = 8.46, p = 0.005), with HC evidencing significantly greater range of modulation by accuracy level. Data submitted to statistical analysis was extracted from 1000-7000 ms, essentially containing the period of 200 ms prior to onset of first stimuli in set to 200 ms following onset of the 5th stimuli of the memory set (or 1400 ms following offset of the 4th stimuli). Importantly, as depicted in the figure, differences in gamma activity by accuracy were present before onset of first stimuli of each trial (0-1200 ms) and, therefore, are not interpreted to represent a memory load effect in these data

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